Contact Interface

card readers

ACOS3 Microprocessor Card (Contact)

Easy-to-use microprocessor smart card line with a wide range of memory capabilities

card readers 3x

ACOS3X eXpress Microprocessor Card (Contact)

eXpress microprocessor card with superior security, processing time, and memory size

card readers acos5-64

ACOS5-64 V3.00 Cryptographic Card (Contact)

Cryptographic smart card for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and other high-security level applications


ACOS5-EVO PKI Smart Card (Contact)

PKI Smart Card supporting ECC and RSA with extended APDU support.


ACOS6 Multi-application & Purse Card (Contact)

All-in-one, multi-application contact card especially suited for e-purse applications


ACOS6-SAM Secure Access Module Card (Contact)

Tiny SAM card that ensures ultimate security


ACOS10 PBOC2.0 EDEP Payment Card (Contact)

e-Deposit and e-Payment card with multiple interface options for versatility in banking applications


ACOSJ Java Card (Contact)

JAVA card solution compliant with GlobalPlatform Card specifications for secure and easy application


ACOSJ-P PBOC 3.0 DC/EC Card (Contact)

JAVA card solution with built in PBOC 3.0-certified applet, compliant with the UnionPay standard

memory cards

Memory Cards

Memory cards of differing capabilities, supported by ACS's line of smart card readers


ACOSJ-V VISA Certified EMV Payment Card (Contact)

A VISA Certified (Visa Credit, Debit and Prepaid) EMV Payment card solution based on JAVA card