ACOSJ-V VISA Certified EMV Payment Card (Contactless)

ACOSJ-V is Visa Credit, Debit and Prepaid certified and supports all VSDC 2.8.1G functionalities.

ACOSJ-V, powered by Java Card Technology, is an advanced EMV payment card solution for financial institutions. It is also compliant with Global Platform card specifications and equipped with powerful cryptographic capabilities for enhancing the security and performance of cryptographic operations and data management needed for financial applications.

It is available in contact, contactless, and dual-interface options in both card and module form factors.

  • Supports T=CL protocol
  • Supports AES
  • Supports DES/3DES
  • Supports RSA (768 to 2048 bits)
  • Supports SHA1/SHA224/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512
  • Compliance with ISO 14443
  • Compliance with JAVA Card Specification Version 3.0.4
  • Compliance with Global Platform Specification Version 2.2.1
  • Compliance with Mapping Guidelines 1.0.1
  • Compliance with VIS 1.5.4b
  • Compliance with VCPS 2.1.3b
  • Compliance with Visa Prepaid 1.1.3a
Manuals & Datasheets for ACOSJ-V (CL)

Brochure of ACOSJ-V

Product Presentation

Product Presentation of ACOSJ-V

Functional Specification

Functional Specification of ACOSJ-V